Transition to Secondary School

Starting secondary school is an exciting part of a student’s educational journey and at Avila College we assist the girls in any way we can to make the transition with ease.

LAV Program

The School has a number of systems in place to help students to settle in well including:

  • The Director of Pastoral Care 7-9, in conjunction with the Year 7 Co-ordinator, liaises with the students Year 6 teachers to gain an understanding about each new girl. We also ask parents to complete a questionnaire to provide information about their daughter's strengths, expectations and any possible concerns
  • A Parent Information Evening is held in November the year prior to the student commencing at the School. Parents are given details about their daughter starting at the School so they can help them to settle in well
  • Orientation Day is designed to help new students become familiar with the school itself, the routines and it also provides the chance for the girls to meet each other prior to school starting. Students are provided with information about the subjects they will study, their teachers and the location of their homeroom
  • The Year 7s spend a half-day at school on their first day. Year 10 buddies greet them at the gate, help them find their classroom and answer any questions they may have
  • Friendship skills are actively promoted at Year 7. The Year 7 Camp in Term 1 provides excellent opportunities for students to move outside their own circle and meet other friends
  • Many homeroom teachers also teach other subjects at Year 7 and this dual role enables them to get to know their students both academically and personally quickly.

For further information please contact:

Director of Pastoral Care 7-9
Phone: 9831 9600


Year 7 Coordinator
Phone: 9831 9600