Learning Innovation

Health and Physical Education

Sports Uniform

The Health and Physical Education curriculum at Avila College focuses on the interaction between physical, social, intellectual and emotional health.

Research evidence supports a strong positive link between one’s health, fitness level and academic achievement. Exercise is known to be a powerful tool for enhancing mental performance, cognitive health and providing an individual with quality of life.

We believe it is important for our students to leave the College with a comprehensive understanding of the relevance of each health domain in relation to themselves, their family and their community. They are equipped with knowledge, lifelong skills and strategies to enable them to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.

Practical sessions aim for maximum participation, and provide rich learning experiences where development of complex motor skills, decision-making, teamwork, game sense and strategic play, take place in a fun environment. Sessions incorporate modified games, drills and traditional sports with aerobic tasks being a component of each lesson.

At Avila College students;

  • Develop an understanding of physical, social and emotional health factors
  • Identify health related services in the Avila community and the wider community that may be used to help with health concerns
  • Identify the health concerns of young people and strategies that are designed to improve their health
  • Become aware of physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty and respond to the physical changes occurring with appropriate hygiene and personal management techniques
  • Investigate the effects of smoking
  • Develop basic aquatic skills and apply these in water safety scenarios
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to promote participation in physical activity
  • Develop decision-making, game sense and strategic play
  • Experience a variety of recreational activities available in the wider community.