Learning Innovation


Sport contributes to the development of school spirit and the individual student.

The many physical and social benefits of team sports are recognised at Avila College. Students have opportunities to maintain or improve fitness levels, to develop leaderships skills, social skills and motor skills through their participation in the extensive inter-school and inter-house programs.

The inter-house competitions and carnivals (Athletics, Swimming and House Sport) foster both house and community spirit as well as provide a platform for interaction and cooperation across all year levels.

The College fields Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams in the SCSA interschool competitions. All students are given an equal opportunity to participate in and trial for competitive sporting teams and are encouraged to maximise their potential by committing themselves to the specific training and coaching sessions.

Health and PE

Junior, Intermediate and Senior teams are fielded in the following sports: Aerobics, Athletics, Basketball, Cross country, Indoor Cricket, Diving, Netball, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball. Also, the sport of gymnastics has a large following at Avila and our teams are strong contenders in the ISG (Secondary Interschool Gymnastics) competition each year.