Learning Innovation


The study of foreign languages in considered essential for students at Avila College.

Student’s benefit not only from the obvious knowledge and understanding of another language, culture and history, but from learning and developing the higher order thinking skills that foreign languages study contains. In addition, the study of a second language enables connections and improvements in the student’s understanding and mastery of their first language (in most cases English). As global citizens, the mastery of a second language is an integral part of a well-rounded student program. In a world where only 14% of the population speaks English, the importance of a second language is undeniable.

LanguagesAvila offers two European languages: French and Italian, and one Asian language: Indonesian. Students study two of the three available languages for a semester each in Year 7, and then select one to continue learning in Years 8 and 9.  After Year 9, the study of a language becomes optional and each language is available through to the end of Year 12.

Avila College offers three languages;


French is a modern, romance language that is widely spoken around the world.  It is still the official language in over 30 countries, especially in Europe, Africa and the Pacific, as well as a language of diplomacy. It is one of the main languages used by international organisations (e.g., the United Nations). The study of French can also enhance cultural understanding within Australian society because of a growing number of French-speaking immigrants to Australia from France, Mauritius, Senegal and Sudan.


Culturally rich Italy has become such an integral part of modern culture both here and overseas, that the study of Italian unlocks a world of opportunity for Avila students to explore. For both students with Italian cultural heritage and those new to the language, Italian offers skills and knowledge as well as an insight into the myriad of spheres for which Italy is celebrated, such as fashion, art, history and food.


As the language of one of our nearest and most strategically important neighbours, Indonesian offers students an insight into one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in our region. Spoken in Indonesia, and used in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Bahasa Indonesia is the perfect choice for Australian students. Australia’s relationship with Indonesia is no longer based solely on tourism, but on trade, politics and a mutually beneficial partnership. The study of Indonesian offers linguistic skill and essential cultural awareness of the rich history, varied ethnic groups and wonderful arts of our closest neighbour.

In learning language students;

  • Develop communication skills and knowledge
  • Understand social, historical, familial relationships and other aspects of the specific language
  • Appreciate that cultural perspectives are an important component in all language studies
  • Develop higher order thinking skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.