Learning Innovation


The Mathematics Program at Avila College provides students with carefully paced, in-depth study of critical skills and concepts.


Mathematics helps to;

  • Develop students’ numeracy capabilities
  • Provide the fundamentals on which mathematical specialties and professional applications of mathematics are built
  • Develop an appreciation of the elegance and power of mathematical reasoning.

The major content and processes of Mathematics are grouped into the following strands;

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability.

Assistance in Maths

Extra assistance is available to students who find Mathematics challenging.

Students can;

  • Attend lunchtime sessions where teachers are available to provide guidance.

Maths Challenges

During Year 9 highly able students may be invited into an Extension Program that operates at a faster pace. This course, which continues in Year 10, gives students the opportunity to attempt more challenging questions and begin to develop critical thinking skills.


Avila students have the opportunity to undertake the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning in Years 11and 12. Studying this subject allows students to develop the lifelong skill of numeracy.

Many students recognise the importance of studying Mathematics at secondary school as it allows them to pursue careers in fields such as Health Sciences, Engineering and Business. To ensure they are prepared for careers in these areas Avila students can choose to do the relevant Mathematics subjects at VCE level;

  • Year 11 General Maths Further, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Maths. Students can also choose to study Further Maths Units 3 and 4 in Year 11
  • Year 12 Further Maths, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths.

Maths Competitions

Students in all year levels can enter the Australian Maths Competition and Year 7 students have the opportunity to enter the Maths Olympiad. Both competitions allow students to experience a variety of problem solving challenges and an international field of students enters each of these competitions. Year 7 and 8 students who would like to investigate a particular area of interest in Maths can enter the Maths Talent Quest and test their investigative skills against other Victorian students.