Learning Innovation

The Arts

All Avila College students study Art, Drama and Music as part of the Arts learning area.

Study of The Arts is compulsory in the Junior School and is offered as an elective in Years 9,10 and VCE. Students are encouraged to be active participants in all of the Arts subjects they study.


The courses are designed in such a way that students who have a talent in an area are encouraged to develop their skills and excel. At the same time, each course is designed to accommodate the learning needs of students for whom this is a new experience.


Art at Avila is a great opportunity for students to express their creativity using many different mediums. From Year 7 students studying Art are;

  • Exposed to the history of art and experience practical areas using a range of media such as pencil, paint and charcoal
  • Explore ideas and starting points for artworks
  • Experiment with additional techniques and processes such as print-making, collage and three-dimensional constructions
  • Learning to analyse and evaluate the work of professional artists as well as their own creative pieces.

Art provides students with;

  • An avenue to express their creativity
  • A non verbal means of communication
  • The opportunity to develop self esteem
  • The chance to develop skills across a range of mediums
  • The challenge of understanding and appreciating different art styles
  • The prospect of exhibiting their artworks in the Annual Arts Show
  • The ability to work collaboratively or as part of a team.


Drama is an exciting part of the curriculum and co-curricular activities at Avila.

It helps to develop invaluable skills such as self-confidence, articulation, leadership qualities, teamwork, and responsibility as well as more creative-based talents.

The Program is extensive and incorporates many elements such as script work, voice, movement, improvisation, individual and group performances and character work. Visiting artists present their work at the College and students also attend outside professional theatre performances.

One of the highlights of the school calendar is the annual Creative Arts Festival, which is a showcase of students' talents in drama, dance and music. More than 400 students are involved in the production, both on stage and behind-the-scenes.

MATCO (the Mazenod Avila Theatre Company) provides students with further performance opportunities. Each year students from Avila and Mazenod Boys College pool their talents for an annual musical extravaganza and their shows have included My Fair Lady, Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Guys and Dolls, 42nd Street, Anything Goes, HMS Pinafore, The Boyfriend, West Side Story, South Pacific and Footloose.


Music is an integral component of Avila life and a love of music is encouraged in all students.

Avila's vibrant Music Department enjoys an outstanding reputation and our musicians are often invited to perform at major functions throughout Melbourne.

Invaluable performance opportunities are offered by joining the 110-piece Orchestra, Senior Ensemble, Junior Concert Band, the Junior, Senior and Chamber Choirs, Flute Choir, Clarinet Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, String Orchestra, String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Cello Ensemble, Stage Band, and Rock Band. Approximately 360 students are currently learning instruments through the Music Department.

The Annual Avila Music Festival is among the exciting highlights on the school calendar. It showcases the talents of all the music groups and many of the excellent instrumentalists and vocalists.

The Creative Arts Festival is another annual entertainment extravaganza. It draws on many disciplines including music, drama, dance and art. The work of the backstage crew is also highly valued.

Music is extremely valued because it:

  • Develops self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility
  • Fosters a life-long appreciation of Music and the Arts in general
  • Provides great personal satisfaction through participation in orchestra, choirs, and ensemble groups.