Learning Innovation

Discovery Learning

The Discovery Learning program is a dynamic element of the curriculum at Avila, and facilitates experiential learning beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.

It is a compulsory program for students in Years 7 – 9, consisting of a week-long program each year. All Discovery Learning programs seek to meet the following aims and objectives:

  • The exploration of an unfamiliar environment to study and become aware of history, landforms and natural habitats unique to the area
  • Involvement of students in physical activity that challenges and allows students to build confidence in their own abilities
  • Encouragement of students to develop more independence and take greater responsibility for themselves
  • Provision of opportunities for students to problem solve and be part of team building and leadership, which in turn enables students to extend their interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Empowerment of students to develop strategies for working in diverse teams, drawing on skills and contributions of team members to complete complex tasks
  • Provision of new opportunities to develop skills and potentially broaden interests and hobbies
  • Provision of connections with the Australian curriculum, with specific links to long-term environmental sustainability and Aboriginal perspectives. Each program also makes cross-curricular links with traditional school subjects. Programs also encourage students to use both initiative and critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Promotion of teaching and learning that is diverse and student-focused.

The Discovery Learning program is sequential across Years 7 to 9 and students build on their skills over this time. It is made up of the following elements: camps at Years 7 and 9 and a City Experience program at Year 8.

The Year 7 camp, which takes place in Term 1, focuses on sustainability and sustainable living. Students are also introduced to a range of outdoor education experiences and activities.

The Year 8 City Experience program develops student confidence in urban environments through the examination of a range of social justice issues in Melbourne's Central Business District.

Year 9 students are challenged through a journey-based outdoor education program, incorporating camping, bushwalking and canoeing in the Lake Eildon area.