Learning Innovation

Digital Innovation

All students at Avila College are provided with an Apple MacBook to help maximise their learning opportunities.

Our vision for e.Learning at Avila is to create opportunities for every student in each of our classes to engage with technology in ways that enhance learning. 

At Avila we use the Google suite of apps including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Many classes use Edmodo to facilitate their online interaction. Students use a variety of multimedia apps (such as iMovie, Keynote, iPhoto, Photoshop, Garageband and Comic Life) to demonstrate their learning.

These tools allow our staff and students to communicate, collaborate and create in ways that reflect practices in the modern workplace, while preparing them for the workplaces of the future.


Working towards this goal, we aim to empower students to become digitally literate, flexible thinkers who are socially aware and have the skills to contribute responsibly as member of a global community.

Our staff are continually developing their understanding of technology, finding new ways to incorporate it effectively into the classroom. They participate in a variety of formal and informal exchanges of their experiences, collaborating to enhance teaching and learning throughout the School.

Growing numbers of our teachers are actively reflecting and connecting with professional learning networks through blogging and Twitter and passionately engaging in collaborating with the wider education community. Avila staff are presenting about their innovative use of technology at a range of education conferences across subject areas such as Art, Languages, Geography, Information Technology, Science, and Math’s.

There is a constant development of professional understanding through our staff engaging with current research about the use of technology in education. Some of the practitioners who have influenced our approach include John Davitt, Marco Torres, Rueben Puentedura and Therese Keane.

The Avila College community uses the MacBook as its learning instrument. We believe the design of Apple hardware and software allows students to quickly gain technological skills; becoming adept users of technology swiftly enables our students to focus on deeper learning across all their areas of study. Our goal is to help our students become virtuoso players of their learning instruments. These instruments can be used to enable students to develop:

Higher order thinking skills

Our staff is committed to using technology to enhance our students' development of Higher Order Thinking skills such as analysing, evaluating and creating. Drawing on the findings of the Government Employability Skills Framework Report 2012, we aim to use technology to develop students who are “... more flexible, adaptable, creative, innovative and productive.”

Good problem solving skills

Good problem solvers are powerful learners. At Avila we encourage a culture where students take responsibility for their learning and are able to solve problems. In a world where there is ready access to so much information, the ability to “separate the wheat from the chaff” is essential. Our staff works to enhance our student’s abilities to critically evaluate and interpret what they find and to develop new understandings based on their interpretations and experiences.