Learning Innovation

Continuity of Learning

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Learning Plan for the Community

The Avila College Continuity of Learning Plan outlines the resources, responsibilities and support available at Avila College to support a blended learning model for students. Download here.

Throughout any closure, students will be invited to engage in learning experiences that will grow their thinking and will encourage new ways of working in each of their classes, even though they will not be physically present at school. Students will learn through a blended learning model, which includes online and offline learning tasks and assessments. Students will check in with teachers to confirm that they have engaged appropriately with the content and that their understanding of the content supports their progress towards the identified learning intentions and success criteria.

The following platforms can support both collaboration and blended learning to ensure quality student learning experiences when planning and delivering learning remotely:

    SIMON is the main point of communication about learning between students and their subject teachers.
  • Email
    Parents and students may also utilise College email to contact teachers.
  • Online

    Online platforms provide opportunities forcollaboration between students and teachers. At Avila, students may utilise SIMON - Learning Areas, Google Classrooms, Stile, Edrolo, Education Perfect and online textbooks.

  • Virtual
    Virtual learning may be conducted using Google Hangouts or Zoom.

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Continuity of Music Learning

The Continuity of Music plan provides an overview of how the Year 7 music program and instrumental/singing tuition sessions will be delivered under a blended learning model for students. Download here.

Music is an integral part of the culture and character of Avila College and offers significant educational, social, emotional, physical and neurological benefits.

Avila College is committed to the continuity of learning of instrumental music through the Year 7 music program and instrumental tuition across a variety of platforms.

We also encourage students to practice or embrace opportunities to explore music at home and use it as a chance to develop skills or use as a relaxation technique or a break from other studies.