JULY 12, 2020

Important Information: Novel Coronavirus (UPDATED)

Sunday 12 July 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This morning, an announcement was made by the Premier of Victoria regarding the return to flexible and remote learning for Year 7-10 students from Monday 20 July until at least Wednesday 19 August.

Whilst we were looking forward to welcoming these students back to school in Term 3, the health and safety of our community is our shared priority. The resilience, adaptability and resourcefulness of our students and staff was evident in Term 2 and I am confident that we will once again be able to embrace the challenge in Term 3 with a similar mindset and Avila spirit.

Next week we will be preparing for the transition back to remote learning. As per the email sent out on Friday 10 July, Year 7-10 students have the opportunity to collect locker contents, musical instruments and library books during the coming week. 

The details as we know at this time have been shared below. More information will follow as soon as it comes to hand. Once again, I applaud the efforts of all members of our community as we collectively work together to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Please stay warm, safe and healthy.

Warm Regards
Dr Michelle Cotter

Year 7-10 Students | Return to Remote and Flexible Learning

Continuity of Learning

The school holiday period for Year 7-10 students has been extended by a week. Year 7-10 students will then undertake remote learning from home from Monday 20 July until at least Wednesday 19 August.

Avila College teachers will be preparing and planning for continuity of learning in Term 3 next week. Subject Teachers will then provide directions and resources to students so they can transition back to remote learning in Term 3. 

Online Learning at School

Avila College will be providing supervision of online learning at school for students if they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This includes children whose parents cannot work from home and vulnerable students. The application to register for online learning at school will be sent out next week. 

Year 11 and Year 12 Students

The practice GAT will still be going ahead tomorrow for Year 12 VCE students and Year 11 students undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject. All Year 11 and 12 students will return to school for Term 3 face-to-face classes on Tuesday 14 July.

Year 10 Students Studying a VCE Subject

Year 10 students undertaking a VCE subject with a timetabled class scheduled between Tuesday 14 July - Friday 17 July, will be expected to attend those classes at school. Students are at school for these classes only. Students will need to sign in and out of school, hand sanitise and undergo a temperature check at the General Office before attending that class. 

Arrangements for Year 10 students undertaking a VCE subject from Monday 20 July will be advised next week. 

Locker/Musical Instruments Collection

If a Year 7-10 student needs something that is currently stored in their locker, or their musical instrument, please email avila@avilacollege.vic.edu.au with the locker number or instrument details. The locker contents or instrument will then be made available for collection from the General Office. 

Avila Library - Remote Loans

Year 7-10 students can borrow books from the library and collect them from the General Office.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Log on to the Avila Library online catalogue.
  • Search for titles you would like to borrow.
  • 'Reserve' your choices and email library@avilacollege.vic.edu.au with the day you can come in for collection by 2.30pm.
  • Your selections will be available at the General Office from 3.30pm that day.
  • You can also return loans at the General Office.


Tuesday 7 July 2020

Dear Avila College Community,

This afternoon, the Premier Daniel Andrews made an important announcement regarding COVID-19 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne. 

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to peak, Stage 3 restrictions will be re-imposed in Melbourne, from midnight on Wednesday 8 July. At this stage, these restrictions will be in place for six weeks. 

Whilst we are waiting on the formal advice from the Department of Education and CECV, today's announcement included the following details:

Year 12 and 11 students and Year 10 students undertaking VCE subjects will return to face to face learning at school the week of Monday 13 July.
The school holiday period has been extended by one week for all other students (Year 7-10). They will commence Term 3 the week of Monday 20 July. 
Students of essential workers, who are not able to be supervised at home, and on days when no other arrangements can be made, may be eligible to apply for a supervised program at school.

These restrictions will have a number of implications for learning and teaching in Term 3. Once we have received directives from the Department of Education and CECV, we will send out more detailed information about the lockdown and what it means for students, families and staff at Avila College.

Friday 15 May

Students will be returning to learning at school very soon. We can't wait to see them all.

As outlined in our communication update on Tuesday, we are preparing for a phased return to school. The staggered approach will allow the Chief Health Officer and the Victorian Government to continue to manage and monitor the health of the Victorian community.

In the interests of maximising face-to-face teaching time, we have made the decision to add three additional teaching days to Term 2 by reducing the mid semester break. This means that the last day of Term 2 will be Wednesday 24 June.

To ensure that the transition back to school runs as smoothly as possible, please read the details below. 

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility during this time. We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the classrooms of Avila over the coming weeks. There will be some adjustments, but I am confident that we can adapt to the 'new normal' together. Our priority is student learning and ensuring the health and safety of students and staff. 

Year level specific information for Years 10, 11 and 12 will be sent out early next week. 

Stay safe, keep well and stay in touch.

Warm Regards

Dr Michelle Cotter
Avila Principal

Key Dates 

Monday 25 May
Student Free Day.
No face-to-face or remote teaching.

Tuesday 26 May
Year 11 and Year 12 students return to school.
Year 7-10 students learn remotely*
*Year 10 students studying a VCE/VET subject may attend onsite for specific classes (details to be finalised soon)

Monday 8 June
Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 9 June
Year 7-10 students return to school.

Year 10 Students Studying a VCE/VET subject

In some cases, Year 10 students will be able to attend school for VCE/VET classes from Tuesday 26 May. This will be dependent on which VCE/VET subject they are studying. More detailed information about this will be sent out next week. 
Return to School

One Learning and Teaching Model

Once a year level has returned, all students will be expected to attend school as normal. This means if parents choose to keep a student at home after their year level has returned to onsite schooling, we can no longer support their learning from home. (This does not apply to children who need to be absent for health or medical reasons.)

This same approach is being taken by all Catholic and government schools in Victoria.

Online Learning at School

Avila College will continue to make available online learning at school during the two-week period from Tuesday 26 May to Friday 5 June. This is available to students who are not able to be supervised at home and on days when no other arrangements can be made. This includes children of parents who cannot work from home and vulnerable children. 

Avila Cafe

The Avila Cafe will be open from Tuesday 26 May.
Extra Teaching Days in Term 2 - Monday 22 June - Wednesday 24 June

The week of Monday 22 June was originally scheduled to be school holidays for the Avila College community - the first week of a three week mid semester break.

Avila College will be extending Term 2 into that week so that we can maximise learning opportunities for all students, alleviate pressure on families and provide positive face-to-face experiences during a very unusual term. As a result, Monday 22 June - Wednesday 24 June will now be face-to-face teaching days for all students.

Health and Safety at School

The health and safety of all students and staff is our priority and Avila College currently has enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices in place, which will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Hand sanitiser is available in every classroom in addition to high traffic areas.
Frequent hand washing is encouraged and promoted throughout the school.
If a student is ill or is feeling unwell, they must not attend school. They must remain home and seek medical advice.
The drinking fountains on the school grounds will not be accessible so all students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school.
Parents will not be permitted to come onto the school grounds unless it is absolutely necessary to visit the General Office. 

Tuesday 7 April 

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This morning, the Victorian Premier and the Minister for Education made a formal announcement regarding learning and teaching in Victorian schools for Term 2.
The key points are summarised below:

  • Most Victorian students will be educated from home when Term 2 starts next week on Wednesday 15 April.
  • All students who can learn at home, must learn from home - with exceptions only in extremely limited circumstances.
  • All Victorian schools will move to remote and flexible learning and teaching for the duration of Term 2.

Continuity of Learning Remotely

Avila College staff have spent the last few weeks of Term 1 and much of the school holiday period preparing for continuity of learning remotely. I am confident that we have the resources, capabilities and structures in place to continue to deliver a high quality, dynamic and engaging learning experience to Avila students.

We all recognise that this learning environment will be different to the traditional school classroom but in many cases students will be using familiar digital platforms that are already part of their learning. 

An Agile Approach

Avila's Continuity of Learning program is agile and flexible. Our approach acknowledges the fact that each learning area has its own unique characteristics, and there is no one platform or technique that 'fits all'. Each teacher has identified the tools that suit their learning area best. These will be different across subjects and year levels.

It is important to understand that continuity of learning does not mean that each scheduled lesson is delivered for 80 minutes through direct instruction via a video conferencing call. Having time away from screens to process concepts and work through ideas individually is crucial. 

We strongly recommend that where possible, students use their normal timetable to structure their day of learning continuity at home. By doing this they can contact their class teacher and be available for their teacher to contact them at the time that their class is scheduled for.

Resources and Support

There will be differences in the way curriculum is delivered and as a result, students will need to be more self-directed, but they will not be doing this alone. Our Teachers, Learning Support Officers and Staff will be supporting students in their learning and wellbeing in many and varied ways and will be there to help overcome difficulties.

Over the past weeks we have sent out a number of resources to assist parents in taking an active role in their daughter's learning continuity at home journey and we will continue to do so. Most importantly, please encourage your daughter to ask questions, clarify their understanding and seek assistance when needed - we are all here ready to help. 

Whilst Term 2 in 2020 does not look like what anyone expected, it does present an opportunity to learn a range of skills beyond the traditional curriculum and schooling experience. Self directed learning can be incredibly rewarding. It teaches us all how to set goals, manage our priorities, problem solve and dive deeper into ideas, concepts and skills. It is both a challenging and interesting 'new normal' which encourages us to think and behave differently. 

Throughout this period of learning continuity from home, we will be sending out regular communications in place of our newsletter via email to students and parents to keep you informed and up to date.

Exceptional Circumstances

As per the directions of the Department of Education, Avila College will be making provisions for students who are unable to learn at home due to exceptional circumstances. More information about how this will operate and how to register for on-site support will be sent out once finalised. 

Our Community

In a year that our College annual theme pledged us all to "Open Hearts, Open Hands", I know that our community will continue to work together to support each other with both open hearts and open hands. Our Gospel and Presentation values will guide our spirits and strengthen our relationships.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, queries or feedback. 

If your question is about your daughter's academic progress please contact her subject teacher, via email.
If it relates to her wellbeing please contact her homeroom teacher initially.
Curriculum Leaders, Year Level Coordinators and the Counselling Team can also provide advice or support as needed.

With thanks to our students and staff for their optimism, resilience and problem solving attitudes over these most unusual past few weeks and with best wishes to you and your family.

Stay safe, keep well and stay in touch.

Warm Regards

Dr Michelle Cotter
Avila Principal


Sunday 22 March 7.00pm

School Holidays Brought Forward

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Premier of Victoria issued a media statement this afternoon. In this statement he indicated that "school holidays will be brought forward in Victoria, starting on Tuesday 24 March". 

Throughout this public health crisis, Avila College has followed advice from the Department of Education, DHHS and CECV.

As a result, tomorrow (Monday 23 March) will be the last day of term for Avila College students. The decision whether to re-open schools after the Term 1 holidays will likewise be determined following advice from the Chief Health Officer.

We encourage all Avila College students to attend school tomorrow as usual - unless they are unwell, in which case they must not attend. Further information about collection of resources and books for absent students will be provided once it is known.

On our last day of term, we will be implementing the following processes:

  • Any SAC's scheduled for VCE students on Monday will continue as planned. All other SAC's are at this stage postponed, awaiting VCAA advice. 
  • Students are required to take essential books, folders and their Macbook home at the end of the day.
  • Musical instruments (except Piano, Harp and Percussion) will also be distributed to Year 7 and private music tuition students to take home over the school holidays.
  • Teachers will discuss the Continuity of Learning plan that has been prepared and the expectations and resources for students in the event of a school closure in Term 2. When Avila needs to move to a blended learning model, more details and specifics will be provided to students and parents.

We understand that whilst our community has been working with the assumption of an inevitable school closure, this early school holiday announcement may feel sudden. Be reassured that our extensive planning thus far has been leading up to this, and we can switch over to our blended learning model as soon as required. Moreover, we are in constant communication with VCAA about the specific needs of our VCE students. We acknowledge that it may take some time to adapt, but are confident that our students and teachers will learn together along the way.

I encourage you to speak openly with your daughter(s) about the reasons why the school holidays have been brought forward and the plan for their continuity of learning. Please also check your emails regularly, as we will continue to send through updates as this rapidly changing situation unfolds. 

Warm Regards

Dr Michelle Cotter
Avila Principal


Thursday 19 March | 5.15pm

 Updated Advice from CECV

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Avila College has received a special message from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria regarding new advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, Prof Brett Sutton. I have included this below for your reference. 

At Avila College we continue to deliver classes as normal and have no confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school community. Our staff have been preparing resources for our Continuity of Learning plan (in the event that the College is directed to close) and adapting school activities in line with government directives. Heightened hygiene practices have been implemented across the campus and both students and staff have been educated about hand washing, social distancing and healthy habits.

Thank you to all the parents and students who have sent through positive messages of support. We understand that the cancellation or postponement of certain school activities has been disappointing but appreciate the spirit and flexibility exhibited throughout our community during these challenging times.

We will continue to keep you informed and updated with the latest advice we receive.

Warm Regards

Dr Michelle Cotter

19 March 2020 CECV Special Message

Victorian Chief Health Officer, Prof Brett Sutton, has put out new advice detailing the reasons for continuing to keep schools open.

Responding to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to be a challenge for everyone in education and our broader communities.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, James Merlino, also wrote today to express his appreciation for the work you and your teaching staff are doing.

‘Thank you for the outstanding work you continue to do in these very challenging times.’

‘Across Victoria, we are seeing countless examples of schools supporting, reassuring and informing their local communities, and ensuring our young people continue to receive the quality of education we pride ourselves on in the Education State.’

Read the DHHS Statement here.

Tuesday 17 March - Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The nature of the coronavirus is dynamic and changing rapidly. Our aim is to keep our school community as well informed and up to date as possible. We are following advice and directions from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV).

In light of the state of emergency declared in Victoria yesterday, please see the latest updates from Avila College. 

No confirmed cases of coronavirus

Whilst we are actively modifying our school calendar, (with a number of events cancelled or postponed), daily classes at the College continue. There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the College. You can follow the current event schedule through our Monday morning Status Update email.

Travel Restrictions and International Arrivals

Everyone arriving in Australia from overseas from midnight on Sunday 15 March will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. This includes students, staff and any family members who may be returning from overseas travel.

Please remember, if a family member is required to self-isolate, they must not visit the school to pick up students or for any other reason.

Continuity of Learning

Avila College is currently finalising a continuity of learning plan to minimise disruption for students in the event of an extended school closure. The plan facilitates ongoing learning experiences and is designed to encourage new ways of working and interacting remotely, through a blended learning model.

Health and Safety at Avila

As a school community, we are actively reminding all students, staff and families to pay extra attention to our personal hygiene practices. This poster from The Department of Health and Human Services acts as a good visual cue, and has been circulated throughout the school. 

CANCELLED Parent-Student-Teacher Meetings
Tuesday 24 March - Normal Timetable with 3.15pm dismissal

The Parent-Student-Teacher Meetings originally scheduled for 24 March have been cancelled. Students will not be dismissed early on this day. Classes will run until 3.15pm as usual.

Thursday 12 March - UPDATE

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Our first priority at Avila College is the health and safety of our school community.
I want to reassure you that the school is well-prepared for the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus).
We are being provided the latest advice from the Australian and Victorian Chief Medical Officers by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd to ensure that our school practices are helping to keep our school community safe from the outbreak.
Any incidents that arise will be addressed in accordance with our Critical Incident and Emergency Management Plan. We will also have access to resources and support from Catholic Education Melbourne and the Department of Health and Human Services.
I am aware of concerns about the disruption to teaching, especially among families of students in Year 12. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, which is responsible for the VCE, is aware of the situation and has advised that it will work with schools to ensure continuity of learning for all students.
As parents, you have a critical role in helping the school manage this situation:

  • Exercise good judgment by keeping children home if they are feeling unwell for any reason.
  • Talk to children about the situation, as they may be feeling anxious or stressed. You have a key role in helping students feel prepared and safe.
  • Encourage children to be proactive and committed to their schoolwork, and to stay connected with the school and their teachers.

The Department of Health and Human Services has a number of resources on its website, which explain the virus, detail risk-reduction practices and behaviours, and answer frequently asked questions. These are available at www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus.
You can also find information about Catholic education’s response at http://www.cecv.catholic.edu.au/Coronavirus-information-for-parents.
This is an evolving situation, but we will keep you updated as things change. I ask that you continue to work closely with the school and to contact the College should you have any new concerns.
Thank you for your support as we work to keep our students safe.
Dr Michelle Cotter


Friday 6 March - UPDATE ADVICE (4.30pm)

Avila College has received updated advice from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria regarding the coronavirus and international excursions. In light of this new advice we are in the process of reviewing already scheduled international trips in 2020. 

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has received updated advice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Yesterday evening, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer issued updated advice that overseas school excursions should cease, except to New Zealand and Canada.

Based on this advice, I strongly recommend that you follow the Chief Health Officer’s advice and cancel any overseas school excursions until further notice, except to New Zealand and Canada.

The Australian Government also updated travel restrictions this week.

The extension to existing travel restrictions now applies to visitors from South Korea, Iran and mainland China. Visitors who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, or their dependants, will not be allowed entry into Australia.

The Australian Government has advised that visitors from Italy will be subject to enhanced health screening and temperature testing arrangements.

Please refer to the Department of Education and Training (DET) coronavirus webpage for further advice and information. The CECV will continue to review health and travel advice in collaboration with the DET and health authorities as the situation evolves.

Friday 6 March - UPDATED ADVICE (11am)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Avila College has received updated advice from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria regarding the coronavirus. Please read the latest advice below:

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) has been provided new information regarding the emerging outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The Australian Government has updated existing travel restrictions to include visitors from Iran who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents.

These restrictions were implemented from 1 March 2020.

The extension to existing travel restrictions for visitors from mainland China remains in place. Visitors from mainland China who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, or their dependants, will not be allowed entry into Australia.

These restrictions will be reviewed by 7 March 2020.

Parents/guardians/carers should ensure that any child returning from mainland China (not including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) from 1 February, and from Iran from 1 March, is isolated at home and should not attend school until 14 days after they were last in mainland China or Iran.

The Department of Education and Training’s coronavirus webpage is the key source for the latest advice and information, including translated advice.

Sunday 2 February - UPDATED ADVICE

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Further to my message last week, I am writing to provide you with updated advice about the novel coronavirus outbreak relating to people arriving in Australia from mainland China.
Any child returning from mainland China (not including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) who was in mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 is to be isolated at home and should not attend school until 14 days after they were last in mainland China.
This recommendation applies only to children who were in mainland China on or after 1 February 2020. It does not apply to students that left mainland China before 1 February 2020.
As previously advised, parents of students that have been exposed to a confirmed coronavirus case or that have arrived in Australia from Hubei Province should ensure that their child is isolated at home and does not attend school for 14 days.

Please click here for the latest factsheet from the Victorian Government.


The well-being of your child continues to be of paramount importance to me and our school staff. I will continue to share information and advice about the coronavirus outbreak as it becomes available.

Please see below for links to factsheets and updates.


Thursday 30 January 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The safety and care of your children is paramount to me and our school community.

I am writing to you following new advice from the Australian and Victorian governments regarding the novel coronavirus.

All children who have travelled to Hubei Province of China, are advised to stay at home and avoid public settings, including attendance at schools until 14 days after last being in Hubei province, China. This applies to any and all students even if they do not show any symptoms of the virus.

Children who are well and have travelled to other provinces in China, or any other areas where there have been reported cases, are NOT recommended to be excluded from schools unless the following applies:

The person is a confirmed case of novel coronavirus 
The person is a close contact with a confirmed case of novel coronavirus in the past 14 days

If you think your child is showing any relevant symptoms of the novel corona virus, please call the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to discuss further actions on 1300 651 160.
This advice is also being provided to teachers and other school staff to ensure we mitigate any risks associated with the spread of the virus.
Please click this link for a factsheet provided by the Victorian Government for advice and information about the novel coronavirus, including what actions to take if your child is feeling unwell following travel to the Hubei province, and practical steps to avoid the spread of the virus.

You can also access further information and updates from the following websites:

For Victorian updates to the current incident, go to: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/novelcoronavirus
For national updates: https://www.health.gov.au/news/latest-information-about-novel-coronavirus
For international updates: https://www.who.int/westernpacific/emergencies/novel-coronavirus
WHO resources:  https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus

In circumstances like these, there can understandably be a lot of concern and uncertainty about the safety of your child. Please be reassured that we are proactively monitoring the situation and will provide any revised advice to you as soon as it becomes available.
Dr Michelle Cotter